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abCoffee's Specialty Coffee

abCoffee's Specialty Coffee beans are high-quality, ethically sourced from India's Finest Coffee Estates i.e. Harley's & Barbara Estates. with distinct flavors, We prioritize quality grading, expert roasting, and fresh beans. Sustainability, traceability, and precise brewing methods are key to makes it taste the same every time. abCoffee making it a premium coffee experience at One neighbourhood, One Human, One Cup at a Time

Our Vision

Be the neighborhood coffee place in all corners of the country which encourages community development and inspires people to be the change they want to see in the world.

Our Values


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The world is amazing because of the incredible people that live here. We celebrate people who walk in every day to get their daily dose of happiness. We celebrate our happy and warm barista partners who give their best to brew India's best coffee for every person they encounter. People, both our customers and employee partners, are the pulse and spirit at abCoffee.

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As a company, we exist to serve the humankind with the magic of coffee beans sourced ethically from the hardworking and honest farmers in India, to service the spirit of community development one neighborhood at a time, to service the spirit of dreamers and change makers in the society who make this world a better place to live in—one day at a time, every day.

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We benchmark ourselves with the best of industry standards, be it sourcing the best coffee beans, working with fun and hard-working barista partner talents, or our superior training and development programs, or our unending personal love & warmth that gets added in every cup that we brew at abCoffee for our champion customers.


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Founder's Story

Abhijeet is the Founder and CEO of abCoffee. He is ardently passionate about coffee, bringing the best of Indian coffees to the Indians. He is an IIT Dhanbad graduate, with 9 years of international experience in the energy industry. Before starting abCoffee, Abhijeet worked for Schlumberger across 5 countries. He was awarded the 2021 International Young Professional Award in the Energy Industry. He holds a bachelor's degree from IIT Dhanbad, a Diploma in Law from NUJS Kolkata, and a Master’s in Political Marketing from Rome Business School, Italy. To know more about the story of the birth of abCoffee and the vision of abCoffee is positioned to democratize specialty coffee in India, please head to this podcast.