About us


Listen to our latest feature where our founder talks about the what, why and how of the coffee disruption in India.

We are India's first Tech enabled affordable specialty coffee company. Our mission since the onset of the idea is to democratise specialty coffee in India by making it accessible and affordable to the whole of India. 


Our Values

  People: The world is amazing because of the amazing people that live here. We celebrate people who walk in every day to get their daily dose of happiness, we celebrate our happy and warm barista partners who give their best to brew India’s best coffee to every person they encounter. People both our customers, and employee partners are the pulse and spirit at abCoffee.


  Service: As a company, we exist to serve the humankind with the magic of coffee beans sourced ethically from the hardworking and honest farmers in India, to service the spirit of community development one neighbourhood at a time, to service the spirit of dreamers and change makers in the society who make this world a better to live in-one day at a time, everyday.



Excellence: We benchmark ourselves with the best of industry standards be it sourcing the best coffee beans, or working with fun and hard working barista partner talents, or our superior training and development programs, or our unending personal love & warmth that gets added in every cup that we brew at abCoffee for our champion customers.


Our Vision: Specialty coffee for all

Be the neighbourhood coffee place in all corners of the country which encourages community development and inspires people to be the change they want to see in the world. 


Founder's Story

It all started with a dreamer from a small town in Bihar who has been on a mission to make this world more equitable, more liveable, and progressive ever since his school days. Growing up in a very humble family and then getting into IIT Dhanbad for engineering in 2009, before he got into the oil industry, he has seen life evolve 360 degrees.

Fast forward 13 years, 9 years in the corporate world, traveling 22 countries, living in 3 countries, 6 states in India, being awarded International Young Professional Award, and building a non-profit organisation functioning successfully across India working to bridge the gap created by of lottery of birth through his NGO Sarthak Mentoring Foundation, the real seed of abcoffee began sprouting in 2019.


How abCoffee started?

In 2021, just before the second wave hit India, Abhijeet moved back to the city of dreams, Mumbai for a new assignment with Schlumberger. A lot had changed since he had left. The first thing he did was to search for a good source of coffee drinks for daily consumption. All he could get was premier commercial coffee chains with exorbitant coffee prices. While affordability may not have been a direct concern for him but the coffee cost per mug with respect to the cost of living in India wasn’t justifiable. Upon more research, he observed that companies selling online coffee beans had risen by 1000% in 2 years between 2019–2021 but to get a quality and affordable cup of cappuccino was still very difficult. All he got in his neighbourhood was Starbucks serving a cup of Cappuccino at nearly Rs 275, roughly the same cost of cappuccino in Europe, the USA, and Australia. It was exorbitant, unappreciated, and unjustified as it served the same super dark, burnt commercial coffee, nothing different at all at premium prices.

This gap inspired him to research more into this space. He took himself on a coffee trail across India. Over the next 12 months, he visited 200 cafés in 20 cities across 12 states all across the country to get to know if his problem is the problem of the country. He spoke to people of various age groups, visited farms, stayed with farmers to understand the ground situation, and networked with several coffee outlet owners to understand the coffee industry landscape in India. And to his anticipation, it was worse than he had imagined. As more and more Indians are traveling, getting exposed to the best of the world, and growing up watching International TV series, the demand for quality coffee is growing exponentially. However, Indians are subjected to pay exorbitant prices for a cup of coffee or left to drink more accessible instant coffee, which was brewed 1–2 years back and frozen to be consumed months, if not years after. Imagine making a dosa today, freezing for 1 year, and asked to eat then. As dramatic as it may sound, this is the reality he discovered: either pay high prices for commercial coffee or still premium prices for standalone specialty coffee outlets or get satisfied with instant coffee. 

This is where the idea of abCoffee was born.


Mission of abCoffee

He set on a mission to democratise speciality Coffee in India, and bring the best of Indian coffee to most of India. Serve freshly roasted and brewed coffee at affordable rates to coffee enthusiasts and explorers who want an amazing a cup of coffee and no-frills sitting space, who don’t want to pay the rental charges of the premium chains that are accounted in the cost of a coffee cup, who appreciate coffee as a drink of choice or exploration, who want to make it happen in present.