All About Coffee

We put a lot of thought, heart, and vision when we were developing the abCoffee Signature blend.

Our vision was clear: we wanted to develop a blend that was premium yet familiar to Indian palate, we wanted to build something truly Indian. After several months of trial and error, cupping several coffee samples and trials, we ended up with our signature blend, roasted and blended in a unique way to give you the best of three worlds:

1. The aroma that you desire in your coffee.

2. The body that you feel familiar with.

3. The after taste that kicks in the right caffeine and feel-good sentiments.

The coffee that we are sourcing has been graded above a score of 80 points by a certified Q grader, making it a specialty coffee. The coffee has been sourced directly and ethically from farms in Chikmagalur. abCoffee believes that fair trade practices and happier farmers bring out an even better cup of coffee. We use high-quality Italian made espresso machines to serve a delicious and wholesome shot of coffee in all the drinks we serve. The baristas have been trained by experts certified by the Coffee Board of India this enables them to execute the craftily selected abCoffee menu to perfection.